December 8, 2023
6 stories about sharks this week

1. 5 belongings you did not know sharks may do for you

do you know? Sharks assist transport carbon throughout the ocean – they usually stands out as the key to serving to scientists remedy some illnesses.

Shark in Fiji. (© Photograph Rodolphe Holler)

2. Whale Shark Watching: 4 issues we realized monitoring the world’s largest fish

Conservation Worldwide scientists made headlines in 2015 once they launched a pioneering program of satellite tv for pc tagging of whale sharks in Indonesia. Test again right here subsequent week for brand new updates.

Whale sharks in Cendrawasih Bay feeding on bait fish under a net bowl to raise BaganWhale sharks in Cendrawasih Bay, Indonesia feeding on bait fish under the Bagan (lift-net) fishing platform. (© Sean Heinrich)

3. The Shark Island expedition is accumulating a whole lot of hours of recent ocean information

A staff of 18 scientists took a 36-hour boat journey from Puntarenas, Costa Rica, to among the best diving websites on this planet: Cocos Island Nationwide Park. That is what they realized.

A tiger shark examines a baited internet on a current scientific expedition to Cocos Island off the coast of Costa Rica. By documenting which species they’re interested in and the way they work together with them, scientists are studying extra about predator numbers and habits throughout the island. (© Mario Espinosa/College of Costa Rica)

4. Why strolling sharks are extra weak to extinction than we thought

Strolling sharks are solely energetic at evening, once they come out of their hiding locations to “stroll” across the reefs seeking meals. Right here, a pioneer within the examine of strolling sharks describes key findings about this species.

Walking shark, Hemiscyllium halmaheraHalmahera bamboo shark (Hemiscyllium halmahera), certainly one of 9 species of animatronic shark recognized to inhabit the waters round Australia and the island of New Guinea. (© Conservation Worldwide / Photograph by Marc Erdmann)

5. Strangers of the Deep: Deep sea sharks are the hidden stars of Shark Week

Step apart the nice whites and hammerheads: There are a slew of little-known shark species that deserve a bit of extra consideration, like goblin sharks and mega-sharks.

ci_45593351Museum specimen of a frilled shark. Since this species lives within the depths of the ocean, it’s not often seen by people. (© Citron / CC-BY-SA-3.0)

6. Current findings make clear the darkish world of “Demon Whale Biting”

Cookie cutter sharks chunk whales, tuna, and different sharks—even people—and depart behind neat, round wounds that give them their identify. Scientists have a nickname for them: “The Satan’s Whale Biter.”

The sharp enamel of the cutter shark, which preys on whales and different animals within the deep sea. (© JSUBiology)

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